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DFW ROC 2015 ROC Service Excellence Awards

ROC-wide list of all 2015 winners (PDF)

From left to right: Bobby Bryant, Yan Xiong MD,  Ahamed Idris MD, Chris Chiara, Steve Corder
Dr. Idris accepts an award from Dallas Fire-Rescue's Tami Kayea

Aaron Wood Dallas Fire, Firefghter/Paramedic

Aaron Wood has that gift that most people don’t have; to be able to talk to people from all economic backgrounds and geographic areas and make everyone feel at ease. He has exceptional communication skills with his patients and their families while on scene. His paramedic skills are top notch and he takes care of his rescue and business around the station. I wish I had more Aaron Woods in my zone.

Bobby Bryant Mesquite Texas Fire, Firefighter/Paramedic

Bobby joined the Mesquite Fire Department in 2008, completed Fire Academy and then became a Paramedic in 2010. Since completing his Paramedic training Bobby has not only shown competence and care in the administration of his Paramedic duties, but has also shown the initiative to expand his knowledge and training beyond what is required of him. He assists with the training of his crew members specifically in the area of cardiac care and any research studies in which the department is participating. Bobby also prompts teamwork among his crew by organizing skills practice sessions, for example: Pit Crew CPR. He and his crew borrowed the EMS education department’s SIM MAN for self-initiated training and honing of their CPR skills. Bobby is always learning and passing on his experience to other medics. Bobby’s work paid off the ultimate dividend when he received a Life-Saving Award in 2013 for his care for a patient who was in cardiac arrest, resuscitated and then was able to return home to their family. Bobby became a member of the Fire Department Honor Guard in 2015, further attesting to his character and another example of why this FF Paramedic is deserving of an award for excellence.

Captain Steve Corder Dallas Fire-Rescue, EPCR Coordinator

With today’s advances in computers and technology, coming from a fi eld assignment to a staff position, particularly the EPCR Captain position is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you were once a medic from a time when documenting was on paper. Stapling your ECG to your run report was the everyday practice. Captain Steve Corder came to our EMS staff accepting and embracing the challenges that came with the position. He is a valued offi cer not only to our staff but the members of this department as well. His dedication is one that is immeasurable and consistently shows, often going above and beyond to positively impact our department and Research. You normally see Capt. Corder on the move, coming in and out of our offi ce with a Toughbook or LifePak in hand on his way to support our members through training or a meeting with other department personnel. He has tracked down monitors and toughbooks to get ECGs when they were no longer on the rescue that was on a CPR. He has met with crews to correct documentation issues, done training with them over protocols, got more information on certain issues involving ALPS cases. He consistently works long hours and has been known to work a day or two on his day off. He is one of the fi rst in our office and one of the last to leave because he is still working, troubleshooting, and finding ways to make us better, efficient and effective. He displays pride and professionalism at all times and is respectful to his co-workers and offi cers. He is well organized, detailed and has elevated the EPCR Captain position to a higher level. Our department aspires to serve with pride and an unwavering commitment to the citizens it serves; Captain Steve Corder epitomizes these values in his actions and commitment of service to Dallas Fire-Rescue.

Christopher Chiara Dallas Fire/Medic

Christopher Chiara continues to provide the utmost patient care to the citizens of Dallas. He excels in the application of our medical guidelines as well as, serves as a mentor to the younger medics that are fortunate enough to cross his path. Chris consistently promotes the highest level of expertise and can be counted on to deliver they type of service under stress that separates him from most medics. In addition, he has volunteered his time to serve on the EPCR Committee and has provided valuable input in the selection of our new vendor and in the development of a more effi cient system to evaluate patients. I am certain that Chris Chiara is among a select few that can be credited with upholding the rigorous standards that many medics can only hope to achieve.

Dallas Engine Company 5

Engine 5 responds to a minimum of 4,000 calls per year and every incident is treated with the highest level of professionalism. The Engine leadership and crew on all shifts ensure that every CPR patient is given the best patient care by applying the AED and performing quality compression before and after the arrival of the Rescue. Their desire to provide quality care is essential as this area in Dallas has the longest transport time to hospitals.

Jacob Mooney Medstar, Paramedic

Jacob has had several ALPS cases and strives to do well and most important, what is right for the patient. He frequently inquires about research needs as far as continuity from the fi eld to the hospital and even to our offi ce in an effort to further our research efforts and provide a cohesive encounter for each patient. His attitude to strive to complete each ALPS administration and subsequent documentation well is refreshing and much appreciated by all within in our office.

Jeremy Jackson, Dallas Fire-Rescue, Paramedic

Jeremy is a good Paramedic who enjoys doing his job. He has the empathy and humility needed to care for other people. He conducts himself with professionalism and can quickly gain the trust of his patients. Lastly I’ll say that he is a knowledgeable paramedic who has the respect of his peers.

Joel Hall Plano Fire Rescue, Firefighter/paramedic

“Joel has been instrumental in the preparation for the ROC TXA Trial for PFR. He has participated in many conference calls lending critical f eld input and reviewed TXA packaging for operational use. Joel attended the ROC annual conference in Washington D.C. in 2014 and has been a leader in the rollout of ROC HypoResus, BLAST and ALPS for PFR. As a PFR squad paramedic, he regularly educates and updates all PFR personnel on ROC Trials.”
     --Dr. Mark Gamber Medical Director

“Joel is one of our go to guys here in PFR. He is a trainer that works with our new paramedics and does a great job. He also is one of our advanced paramedics that goes on all CPRs. When we want to try something new, he is usually the person we go to for help. Joel attends a lot of extra training on his own time and is always up to date on what is going on in EMS. Joel is an asset to our department and a great example for other paramedics in our department.”
    --Chief Chris Biggerstaff, Captian Jack Sides

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